As Thomas “Tip” O’Neill stated, “All politics is local...” Therefore, we need to act and attend our local forums and let legislators know that the child and family services line-item should not be cut (de-appropriated or adjusted) for the current SFY 2018.  Click Here to View Your Local Forums!  

Governor Reynolds proposal "adjusts" the SFY 2018 budget by reducing the Department of Human Services by $3.3 million. According to the Department of Human Services, the $3.3 million is "largely the result of nominal surpluses due to lower caseloads and maximizing the use of available federal block grant funds".  The Child and Family Services line is reduced $2.2 Million in State Funds.  The Senate De-appropriation Bill (SF 2117 (previously SSB 3089) also reduces $2.2 million from the Child and Family Services line-item. 


While we understand that legislators and the State of Iowa has a problem, the money needs to come from somewhere else.  It is ill advised to take it from the child and family services line-item.  This is a reduction of people (workforce/jobs).  Kids and Families are in Crisis (look at the headlines).  Let's work together to prevent future tragedies.

We are serving kids and families in their communities (rebalancing child welfare and keeping kids out of instituational settings). We understand that there needs to be an adjustment in the system, however the needs are still there.

We are serving kids differently! Help us to continue to serve kids and families in their communities. Keep the funding in the child and family services system.

Investing in and stabilizing the workforces of human service providers across Iowa means investing in safe, healthy kids and a strong Iowa economy.

Attend your local forums!  Talk with your legislators!  Urge them to not cut (de-appropriate or adjust) the child and family services line item for SFY 2018!  In addition, invite them to attend the Legislative & Membership Reception on February 27!