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Billy W. Claywell, LMSW

Billy Claywell has been in the Human Service field for almost 30 years.  Most of those years were spent providing quality direct services to clients.  Throughout his career, Billy has honed his ability to interact positively with families and provide exceptional services to the people he served.   He  now provides  training designed to pass on this expertise about  what actually works in the field, along with practical examples to make the information entertaining and memorable.

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Frank Grijalva

Frank came through the California system as a child adopted into a family challenged with mental health and substance abuse issues. Frank’s first professional training was as a special warfare diver attached to the Mariner Mammal program of the United States Navy where he spent 8 years honing behavior modification skills and understanding the dynamics of nonverbal communication. Later, as a stay at home dad for 2 kids and a student of psychology he became aware of and struggled with development, trauma exposure, and behavioral progressions.

Frank has worked with the International Trauma Center since 1999 and deployed to Ground Zero to manage logistics and safety for a team of clinicians working with a federal agency in “the dig” to stabilize them ongoing as they did their difficult work. Frank also worked extensively throughout Louisiana and Mississippi in the aftermath of Katrina. Frank has worked abroad in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, Nepal, Jordan and several other countries for agencies like Save the Children, USAID, the World Bank and the International Center for the Protection of Victims of Torture to develop interventions, learn from and train clinicians working with children exposed to extreme conditions.

As Director of the Midwest Trauma Services Network and senior manager for the International Trauma Center he has spent the last several years introducing and training selected trauma informed evidence based practices as well as designing and implementing innovations specific to children from at-risk environments through the OJJDP. Frank has a BS in disaster psychology with an emphasis on mental health stabilization, an MS in Public Health with a focus on child mental health and is currently pursuing a masters in clinical counseling. His mission is to create a world that understands the impact of trauma and abuse on children, families and communities by teaching and implementing multi-disciplinary evidence based practice

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Brian D. Lowery, MPA, LSW

Brian is an Educational Coordinator and primary presenter for most of the training programs. He has been a child welfare trainer for the past 30 years and is the recipient of the “Rising Star Award”  from the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program (OCWTP) and the “Trainer of the Year Award”  from the Northeast Region of the OCWTP.  He recently received the prestigious Linda Pope award for excellence in training in Ohio. Brian has served as the Director of In-Service Training for the largest private child caring agency in Ohio and the Director of Child Care at a Northeast Ohio residential treatment center. He is a Qualified Professional Administrator with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and a State Licensed Social Worker. Brian currently serves as a consultant with contract agencies of the  Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board  and the  Developmental Disabilities Board of Cuyahoga County.  He  is a sought after consultant and trainer with child welfare organizations throughout the Midwest.


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Katie Terry, LISW-S

Katie is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and adoption assessor. Katie graduated in 1984 with a degree in Secondary Education from Kent State University and taught in a private and public schools before beginning to work in alcohol and drug prevention. Katie then graduated from Fordham University with a Masters in Social Work in 1994. In 1994 Katie began her career at Summit County Children Services, where she did intake, therapeutic foster care and adoption support. She has been training for Ohio Child Welfare Training Program since 2000. She has presented numerous workshops throughout Ohio, at Public Children Services Organizations of Ohio, and nationally with the North American Association of Christians is Social Work in 2013. Children with mental health issues and attachment disorder/trauma are a primary focus of concern. Katie is currently pursuing her doctorate in social work  at the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul, MN where the focus is on teaching as social work practice. Katie has recently published an article in Social Work and Christianity about autism spectrum disorders, one area of her expertise. Kate coaches foster parents who are fostering children with autism spectrum disorder.

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David Zidar

Since 1988, David has been providing training and consulting  to mental health, residential and social service agencies. David was awarded the Ohio Trainer of the Year, in 2009. His dynamic approach to child welfare has been recognized in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and in Iowa. David provides practical, value-added training for change that is intended to improve the lives of children and families.

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