Part of being the trusted voice for family & children's services in Iowa is advocating for policies that remove barriers for families to receive services, develop new services, improve reimbursement, and make Iowa a better place to raise a family.  The Coalition for Family & Children's Services in Iowa members regularly meet with lawmakers and other key stakeholders to educate them on the policy issues that impact member organizations, their employees, and the families they serve.

Cope Murphy + Co.

Our advocacy team cannot do it without you!  Your work as an advocate is crucial to motivating legislators and other stakeholders.  Our goal is to make it easy for you with a range of tools that will help you identify and contact your legislators and summarize the issues.  

Transformational Change:  Protecting Child and Family Wellbeing:  Coalition's Advocacy Statement 

Residential (QRTP & Shelter) Crisis White Paper (12-2-21) 

Workforce Matters, Families Matter

  • The child and family service delivery system is only as good as the people who provide services to children and families and those who manage and direct service deliver.  Building a state and effective workforce continues to be a challenge.
  • UPDATE: Take the time to review the 2020-2021 Salary Survey!

Alliance for the Betterment of Children's Systems in Western Iowa (ABCs):  Check out their Advocacy Statement.