Coalition's Advocacy Priorities

  1. Hiring & Retaining Qualified Staff:  Investment in Stabilizing our Workforce
  2. Investment in Evidence-Based Practices to help move towards a performance based/value based system of care in Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice and Medicaid
  3. Decreased Medicaid Revenue. 

Advocacy is: 

  • Educating and raising awareness on a specific issue
  • Sharing your story and experiences
  • Building relationships
  • Writing letters, talking with legislators, and hosting events
  • Speaking up for others
  • A daily activity 
  • Fun! 

Advocacy is not: 

  • Influencing specific legislation (*this is called lobbying)
  • Done just one time
  • Only focused on legislators and other elected officials
  • Difficult - anyone can do it!

* Lobbying is always advocacy, but advocacy is not always lobbying.