The Child Welfare Provider Training Academy is looking for trainers for SFY25!



Welcome to The Coalition for Family and Children's Services in Iowa

We are a statewide agency that believes Iowa communities are strengthened when family and children’s services are present in their communities. Iowa families thrive when they are supported and empowered to care for and provide for their children’s needs. Empowerment occurs through formal and informal supports including programming, education, direct service, coordination, and connection to available resources.

The Coalition is committed to building a better Iowa and strengthening Iowa families by focusing on 3 statewide initiatives:  

  1. Stabilizing the workforces of agencies which provide human services to families and children across Iowa;
  2. Stabilizing the Medicaid system in Iowa; and
  3. Promoting and developing the use of evidence-based best practices for care within provider agencies across Iowa. 

Our Mission: To Enhance the Collective Impact of Member Agencies' Services to Children and Families.

These member agencies provide a wide array of services to families and children across the state of Iowa.  At its most basic description, The Coalition's alliance of agencies provide safety nets to children and youth who have been, or are now, in danger of being abused, neglected, or delinquent; and all children and youth with mental health or substance abuse needs. 

Our Vision: Families & Children in Iowa are safe, secure, healthy and well in their communities. 

The Child Welfare Provider Training Academy

 The Child Welfare Provider Training Academy (CWPTA) is a partnership/contract between the Iowa Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) and the Coalition for Family & Children Services in Iowa, funded through HHS. The funding is state and federal IV-E dollars. The purpose of this partnership is to sustain the CWPTA through the deliverance of trainings relating to child welfare frontline workers and supervisors. These trainings provide knowledge and skills through evidence-based practice models and additional training developed to meet the needs of various HHS child welfare provider contracts.

Course topics include training for youth mental health, engaging in work with children and families within the child welfare system, domestic violence and human trafficking basics, signs of substance use disorders and symptoms, motivational interviewing skills-building, diversity/cultural competence training, and so much more! Check out our Training Academy webpage to learn about all the courses we provide.