Welcome to The Coalition for Family and Children's Services in Iowa

We believe that Iowa communities are strengthened when family and children’s service are present in their  communities. Iowa families thrive when they are supported and empowered to care for and provide for their children’s needs. Empowerment occurs through formal and informal supports including programming, education, direct service, coordination and connection to available resources.

The Coalition is a statewide organization whose mission is to enhance the collective impact of its member agencies.  These member agencies provide a wide array of services to families and children across the state of Iowa.  At its most basic description, The Coalition's alliance of agencies provide safety nets to children and youth who have been, or are now, in danger of being abused, neglected, or delinquent; and all children and youth with mental health or substance abuse needs. 

The Coalition is committed to Building a Better Iowa and strengthening Iowa families by focusing on 3 statewide initiatives:   Stabilizing the workforces of agencies which provide human services to families and children across Iowa; Stabilizing the Medicaid system in Iowa; and Promoting and developing the use of evidence-based best practices for care within provider agencies across Iowa.  

Coalition Releases Statement 
The Coalition for Family and Children’s Services in Iowa believes we are at a pivotal moment to create change in our state. The recent murder of George Floyd and the historical and ongoing violence and threats against members of our black and brown communities, continue to expose the systemic racism creating barriers for individuals to live a good quality of life. We know, children of color face disparities being removed from their families and placed into foster care at a disproportionate rate. 

As a coalition of providers, we will listen and participate in the courageous conversations to enhance our knowledge of racial trauma. We will engage in critical conversations to understand the role systemic racism places on communities of color. We will think deeply and act boldly to decrease the disparities experienced by black and brown children and families in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. 

We are committed to continue our collaborative work with our private and public partners to identify systemic change to address disproportionality that continues to impact the lives of many Iowans. We are committed to learn more to be a better ally in this change. 

If you want to learn more about the demographics of our Child & Family Services system check out the Coalition’s Vision Council Data Set