Membership Eligibility Criteria


If a prospective agency meets the following criteria, the agency is eligible for membership. 

1. An agency licensed by the State of Iowa if the state has licensing requirements in the Iowa Administrative Code.                                                                                                                                                         2. The agency provides one or more of the following services to children and families:

Children’s Mental Health Services, including:

  • Pediatric Integrated Health Homes (PIHH),
  • Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS), and
  • Psychiatric Medical Institution for Children (PMIC)

Child Welfare Services, including:                                                                                                             

  • Resource Family Recruitment, Retention, Training and Support (RRTS),
  • Family Centered Services (FCS),
  • Child Welfare Emergency Services (CWES) (shelter care),                       
  • Foster Group Care,                                                                                           
  • Supervised Apartment living (SAL),                                                             
  • Preparation for Adult Living (PAL),                                                                   
  • Iowa Aftercare Services, and                                                                         
  • Iowa foster care youth council (AMP)

Juvenile Justice Services, including:

  •  Foster Group Care,
  • CWES/Shelter,
  • community-based juvenile justice services and
  • detention

Services overseen by the Iowa Department of Health & Human Services, including:         

  • Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment Services

3. The agency has returned and signed the Membership Application Form and the necessary attachments. This Form also includes a statement of agreement that the agency subscribes to the Coalition's Mission, Vision, Commitments, Code of Ethics, By-Laws, and policies adopted by the Board of Directors.

Membership Classifications

The Coalition has two types of Membership; they are as follows:                                                                 

*Provisional is for the first year of membership. Dues are assessed at half the cost of a full member for the first year. Dues are based on a percentage of the agency’s annual Iowa child only operating expense budgets.                                                                                                                                                                      *Full membership provides increased benefits for those agencies that continue beyond their provisional status. Dues are based on a percentage of the agency’s annual Iowa child only operating expense budgets.

Process for New Members

Prospective Member Responsibilities:                                                                                                                  *The agency shall review the Coalition's Mission, Vision, Commitments, Code of Ethics, and By-Laws. After review, if the agency is interested in becoming a member of the Coalition, the agency shall submit to the Coalition the completed application form, signed by the Executive Director, along with the necessary attachments.

Executive Director Responsibilities:                                                                                                                      *The Executive Director of the Coalition or designee will visit the prospective member.

Board Responsibilities:                                                                                                                                    1. The Board shall vote. The motion for acceptance must carry by a 2/3 vote.                                                    2. The agency will be notified of the Board's decision within 5 working days.

Process for Full Member

After one year of membership, the Membership Committee will make a recommendation to the Board for the agency to become a Full Member of the Coalition. The recommendation for Full Membership will be based on the agency having been a member of the Coalition in accordance with By-laws, Mission, policies, etc. of the Coalition and the fact that the agency wants to continue membership with the Coalition. Based on a 2/3 vote of the Board, the agency will be accepted as a Full Member.

Our Mission: To enhance the collective impact of member agencies’ services to children and families.

For more information on how to become a member and to obtain a Membership Application 

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