Public/Private Partnership

To work towards the mutual goals of child safety, permanency and well-being for Iowa’s child and families both the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) and private agencies realized that they must voluntarily work very differently – with a collaborative problem-solving approach, with synergistic communication.

Synergistic Communication is the belief that the parties involved will gain more insight, and that the excitement of that mutual learning and insight will create a momentum toward more and more insights, learning’s, and growth. 

Therefore, the Child Welfare Partners Committee (CWPC) was established in December 2008.  The CWPC focuses on a full range of child welfare contracted services in developing knowledge about improving outcomes for children and families in the child welfare system. 

The CWPC unites individuals from Iowa DHS (public) and Contractor (private) agencies to create better outcomes for Iowa’s children and families.  One of the best ways to communicate success is telling a story.  Individuals from both Iowa DHS and provider agencies who are living and breathing the partners will share their stories about success in the Journey of Partnership Blog.  

The Six Principles of Partnership

  1. Everyone Desires Respect
  2. Everyone Needs to Be Heard (and Understood)
  3. Everyone Has Strengths
  4. Judgements Can Wait
  5. Partners Share Power
  6. Partnership is a Process

Living out the six principles of partnership and the Child Welfare's System Guiding Principles means stepping up and stepping out.